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High Lift Garage Doors

Across Orleans, high-lift garage doors serve well many homeowners for various reasons. And so, we are not surprised to see you looking for higher garage doors or ways to retrofit the track system to bring the garage door higher. People often need a car lift or have a rather tall van that doesn’t pass through the standard garage door height.

Our team at Orleans Garage Door Repair fully understands such needs. No wonder we are available for a range of services regarding high lift systems in residential garages in Orleans, Ontario – from installations to conversions and repairs. Let’s talk.

Interested in high-lift garage doors in Orleans?

High Lift Garage Doors Orleans

Not all garage doors can become high-lift garage doors. Orleans techs visit your garage to check all sides and measure to decide whether or not there’s enough space for conversion. If you are interested in such a project and want to know if it’s possible in your garage, contact our team to make an appointment.

Do the same if you are interested in a high-lift garage door installation. It doesn’t matter if this is a new home or if you reconstruct the garage; let’s see what you need. Once more, the appointed pro will measure to make a note of what’s needed in regard to high-lift garage door sizes.

There are plenty of options not only in regard to dimensions but also materials and styles. There are modern high lift garage door designs, a variety of colors, decoration options, and all things you need to achieve the expected appearance. Have no doubt that we pay attention to the garage door tracks, the spring system, the opener, and all things that will ensure safe and excellent performance. There’s no need to worry about the possibilities in terms of styles, colors, and materials. From vinyl to aluminum high lift garage door materials to modern and classic styles, there are options for all houses.

Need the tracks fixed? Another service? Always reach our team

The installation is carried out with the precision required, just like with any other high-lift garage door service. It’s helpful to know we are ready to serve no matter what you need, isn’t it? After all, you may need our help down the road. Or, you may already need service for an existing high lift garage door – repair or maintenance.

Contact us if you have problems. Contact us if you seek custom high lift garage doors and installers. Tell us if it’s time to replace the tracks or if it’s time to convert a standard residential garage door. As long as you need service for high-lift garage doors, Orleans’s best team is ready to help.

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